Module 1

JavaScript to React

JavaScript to React

JavaScript for React is all about getting you up to speed with exactly the JavaScript you need for React.

You don't need to know every single thing in the JavaScript language to be a capable React developer. This section will focus in all the parts of JavaScript that specifically matter to you as a React developer.

Brief Overview

We'll get comfortable working with functions and thinking of them as reusable "slices" of our user interface. How conditionals are used for control flow to determine what the user sees and what parts of our code run. How to share parts of our apps, including functions and variables with the help of modules.

Next, we'll get good at object and array structures and not only see how to create them effectively (and quickly), but modify them as we need with tons of array methods. And then finish with asynchronous code using Promises and the async await syntax, which is necessary for virtually every single React app you'll work on.

Because React is "just JavaScript", the better you are as a JavaScript developer, the better React developer you'll become at the same time.

Let's dive in!