Module 5

Next.js Mastery

Next.js Mastery

In the upcoming Next.js section, we will extensively explore the framework's capabilities, starting with the concept of Next.js pages. We will learn how to create and structure pages to build a seamless user experience, and delve into the implementation of layout components to ensure consistency across different parts of our application.

Our journey will continue as we differentiate between client and server components. We'll uncover the advantages of client components for handling form submissions, state management, and event handling. Moreover, we will delve into the innovative approach of server actions, which allow us to perform data mutations on the server side without the need for separate client components.

Data fetching will be a crucial aspect of our learning, as we delve into various methods to fetch and display data in our Next.js applications. We will explore route handlers to manage different HTTP requests, enabling us to handle tasks like publishing and deleting posts based on their IDs.

Dynamic routes will unlock the potential for creating personalized and data-driven user experiences. We will harness the power of dynamic routing to render specific post details using template literals and route parameters.

Our exploration of Next.js wouldn't be complete without addressing styling techniques. We will uncover the benefits of CSS modules for encapsulating styles within our components, resulting in cleaner and more maintainable code.

Static pages will play a significant role in our journey, as we discover how to create efficient and optimized pages that enhance performance by pre-rendering content.

Incorporating Prisma, we will learn how to interact with databases and perform CRUD operations seamlessly, while gaining valuable insights into data modeling and management.

Throughout this section, we will see how Next.js empowers us with the capabilities of server actions, an advanced feature that facilitates server-side execution of specific functions, further enhancing our ability to create dynamic and performant web applications.