Frequently asked questions

Are there any terms and conditions?

Yes. You can read all the associated terms and conditions that you agree to upon buying the React Bootcamp right here.

Can I change my account email address?
Is there job placement?

After the course and all of the modules and bonus materials are complete, the plan is to have a complete community with a Discord server.

It would be great for students to be able promote themselves and include their portfolio on the bootcamp website (like a reverse job board), which companies can use for hiring.

In short, I would love to make it possible to help you get a job directly through the React Bootcamp.

My question hasn't been answered. Who can I email for help?
Can I customize my invoice

If you need to customize your invoice, to provide company details for example, send an email with the details you would like to add to [email protected].

Will I have lifetime access to the React Bootcamp?


Purchase the Bootcamp once and you will have access to it, along with every future update that is made for years to come.

If you have trouble accessing the bootcamp, forgot your purchase email or do not have access for any other reason, please send an email to [email protected].

Is there a refund policy?

Yes. You can read the associated refund policy, which is included in the terms and conditions that you agree to upon buying the React Bootcamp right here.

Is the bootcamp self-paced or a regular class with an instructor?

It is entirely self-paced.

All 5 weeks of the core bootcamp (not counting bonus materials) will be released weekly, on Monday, and they will be available for you to take whenever. You’ll have lifetime access as well.

Note that this only applies to the early access period (which ends on Monday, August 14th).

Who is the React Bootcamp for?

Anyone who is serious about actually learning React to get ahead in their career.

Whether you want to get hired as a paid React developer, build a side project with it, want to learn it for fun, or whatever you really want to do with React, this bootcamp was made to help you learn it properly.

It achieves that through giving you what 99% of online courses can't: active learning. To progress through the course you will be doing 100s of interactive coding challenges to test your skills.

On top of that, you will learn how to build your own real-world React projects by building 6 different full stack projects, all of which you can add to your developer portfolio.

How does this bootcamp compare to an in-person one like Fullstack Academy?

The bootcamp is entirely online and is unlike a standard coding bootcamp in several important ways.

You can take each section of the course entirely at your own pace and does not require a specific time of the day to complete. There is no Zoom, no time that you have to do or finish assignments.

This bootcamp will enable you to work entirely like a React developer, but without you having to be sitting next to me in person. It gives you a 100% real developer experience with real expectations, like you would have on the job, but none of the annoyance of needing to stop your life or move to New York City.

Plus, unlike an in-person coding bootcamp, you have lifetime access to all materials, including videos, challenges, and bonuses, which enables you to review and extract the full value out of all the material, years down the road.

And also unlike an in-person coding bootcamp, value will continue to be added to the bootcamp so that it stays up to date over the years. A traditional bootcamp will not.

But above all, I would say the main difference you will notice between this bootcamp and traditional coding bootcamps like Fullstack Academy is about $13,000 less.