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If you're struggling with React, it's not you.
It's your process.

If you spend your time...
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    Reading boring, out-of-date articles

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    Fixing errors you don't understand

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    Difficulty coding without a tutorial

Get ready to spend hundreds of hours doing these 3 things over and over.

How many $1,000s is all that wasted time worth to you?

Welcome to a better way to learn React.

Imagine if you...
  • Coded with an expert React developer sitting right next to you...
  • Had such great training that everything you learned just 'stuck'...
  • Made amazing portfolio projects as you learned...

If you knew your success was guaranteed in only a couple of months, wouldn't you jump at the opportunity to do it?

That's what you'll get inside the React Bootcamp:


A Proven Path from
Zero to React Hero

The React Bootcamp was made to give you the maximum amount of value in the shortest period of time.

Because you don't just want to learn React...

You want to level up. To get to the next step in your career. To code your own business. To do amazing things with React.

The React Bootcamp will give you all the training you need to do all those things (and none of what you don't need).

You'll go from the very basics of React to building full stack apps with Next.js and TypeScript.

From beginner to confident React dev

Course 1: JavaScript to React

You might have heard React is "just JavaScript". To kick things off, we'll reveal all the major features of JavaScript that matter most in React. Plus the parts make you a better React developer, including functions, promises, array manipulation to name a few.

Course 2: React Essentials

We'll make the jump from JavaScript to React by going deep into what sets React apart, the core knowledge you need to have, plus the tricky concepts that 90% of React devs don't understand: Elements, Components, Rendering, and more.

Course 3: Advanced React

Next, we'll become confident with modern React and become proficient in all the core hooks. On top of that you'll learn state management, refs, as well as the trickier parts, including effects as well as context and reducers.

Course 4: TypeScript for React

The world using TypeScript, including in React applications. Almost every React codebase you work with will include it, so let's get good at it and see how to effectively combine it with React to make our React projects far more reliable.

Course 5: Next.js Mastery

The ultimate React framework is Next.js and we'll get into how to take full advantage of it to build amazing, full stack apps, like so many Fortune 500 companies are doing. And yes, we will cover the App Directory and Next 14.

Bonus! React Visualized

To really learn React, you need to know a lot of tricky concepts. What if instead of trying to study React, you could see exactly how React works? Through this special bonus, you'll get access to a mini course that makes React easy through fun visualizations.


Did I Mention the Extra Bonuses?

After you've taken the 5 weeks of the Bootcamp and feel confident with React, what do you do?

You will also get something no other React course provides.

You will build 5 incredible, real-world apps that will teach you how to become a true React master as well as develop a job portfolio that is second to none:

5 Next.js Mini Projects

Build 5 amazing full-stack React apps to impress any interviewer, including an admin dashboard, AI website builder, auth protected app, AI image generator, and personal portfolio (all made with Next.js app router)

Sale price $149.00 - Yours free!

5 Next.js Mini Projects

10 Essential React Cheatsheets

Helpful cheatsheets to refresh your core React understanding of components, hooks, data fetching, plus seven more topics. One cheatsheet alone can save hours of Google searches.

Sale price $49.00 - Yours free!

10 Essential React Cheatsheets

"Is This Bootcamp For Me?"

This bootcamp was made for anyone who wants to level up their React skills. For total beginners to React and experienced developers alike!

Right now, there are over 2213 people who have transformed their skills and their careers through the React Bootcamp.

Here is what a few of them have to say about it...


One Epic Price,
Learn React for Life.

$544 value, lifetime access for only $49 ($495 off)

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  • The React Bootcamp ($495 value)
  • 5 Next.js Mini Projects BONUS
  • 10 Essential React Cheatsheets BONUS
  • 10 React / Next.js Courses in Total
  • 200+ In-Depth Super HD videos
  • 120+ Interactive React Exercises
  • Streaming HD Video with Full Transcripts
  • Lifetime Access and Updates

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Results Guaranteed

The React Bootcamp was made to give you amazing results in your skills and career as a whole. For this reason, the bootcamp comes with a personal results guarantee.

Sign up for the bootcamp and push yourself for 5 weeks. By the end, you will level up your React skills, become more a confident developer and make noticeable progress in your journey to becoming a React pro, guaranteed.


Have a Question?

If you have a question about any part of the bootcamp, check out the FAQ page. It has answers to just about every major question you might have about the bootcamp. If you still can't find an answer, feel free to email us directly.