Mock up of a book titled “10 Essential React Cheatsheets”

Every React cheatsheet you need covering 10 major topics

There are so many things you need to know for React. Which is why I've summarized all of them into a compilation of 10 cheatsheets for you to download and use whenever.

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10 Cheatsheets. Every Major React Topic.

React for 2023
Every essential concept in the library from JSX and Components to Hooks
React Hooks
Focusing on the core React hooks, from useState and useEffect to useCallback and useMemo
Data Fetching in React
Effectively fetching data using various patterns and libraries such as React Query
JavaScript for React
The main JavaScript concepts you need to know to have a good grasp and handle of React
React for Beginners
The basics of using React for anyone who hasn't written any React code before
React Props
All the patterns for passing props that you could think of to get data around your components
React Conditionals
Conditional logic for React components and elements using various JavaScript operators
React Router
Covers all manner of routing in client-side React applications using react-router-dom
React & Axios
How to use one of the most popular HTTP request libraries (Axios) with React
React & Apollo
How to integrate React with the Apollo client library to interface with GraphQL